Sri Lanka: Rs. 600 million Cars for Maithri to “Enhance” Good Governance!

Sri Lanka: Rs. 600 million Cars for Maithri to “Enhance” Good Governance!

( April 10, 2017, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) “Two Mercedes Benz S600 (Customized Limited Edition) cars have been bought spending Rs. 574,270,099 for the use of the President say reports. The Secretary to the President has made a request to Customs for a tax relief for the two cars that have been unloaded in the port (Chassis No. WDD2229762A295414 and WDD2229762A295805), ” Colombo-based news portal Lanka Truth has reported.
The two vehicles have been custom-built to meet security needs and cost a lot more than normal vehicles of the same range. However, the fleet of vehicles in the President’s vehicle reserve include three bulletproof Benz cars imported when Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa was the President, several other bulletproof vehicles and a large number of vehicles. Another expensive luxury car was bought for this fleet last year as well. According to internal sources this vehicle is for the use of President’s son.
The value of the famous Cadillac Beast car used by former US President Barak Obama was close to US$1.5 which is nearly Rs. 230 million.
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