Solidarity with anti-SAITM campaign

Solidarity with anti-SAITM campaign

April 14, 2017
Students of Faculties of Medicines in 6 universities have been engaged in a continuous Sathyagraha campaign to demand the government to abolish SAITM illegal medical degree selling institute at Malabe. Like in the previous year this year too they spend the New Year in temporary sheds put up for the ‘Sathyagraha’.
Today (14th), the New Year Day, leaders of political parties, trade union leaders, parents of medical students and university students visited the students engaged in the ‘Sathyagraha’ and expressed their solidarity with the struggle to abolish SAITM.
JVP Parliamentarian Sunil Handunneththi, Southern Provincial Councilor Nalin Hewage, Kandy District Organizer Gayan Janaka, General Secretary of Lanka Teacher Services Union Mahinda Jayasinghe and the President of Ceylon Petroleum General Services Union Ashoka Ranwala were among the visitors.
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