Namal’s name-card found from Keith Noyarh’s purse!

Namal’s name-card found from Keith Noyarh’s purse!

Namal’s name-card found from Keith Noyarh’s purse!
– Apr 16, 2017
Journalist Namal Perera identified two of his attackers, during an identification parade on the 12th. They are Maradana Tripoli camp’s intelligence corporals Hemachandra Perera and Prabhath Duminda Weeraratne. Investigations have revealed Namal was abducted after a name-card of his was found from former ‘The Nation’ editor Keith Noyarh’s purse after he was kidnapped and tortured.
After finding Namal’s name-card from his purse, Noyarh was questioned about the then Sri Lanka Journalism College’s course coordinator. Noyarh has mentioned about this in a complaint to police. Noyarh was kidnapped in May 2008 and Namal in the following month.
Investigations into the attacks on Noyarh, Namal and Upali Tennakoon have revealed the existence of an Army intelligence group that had been used during the Rajapaksa regime to abduct, attack and kill media personnel. It had functioned under the then state intelligence chief Kapila Hendawitharana.
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