Joint opposition ‘extends’ LNW ban

Joint opposition ‘extends’ LNW ban

Joint opposition ‘extends’ LNW ban
 Apr 17, 2017
The Lanka News Web website remained banned for six years within Sri Lanka during the corrupt Rajapaksa regime. In that duration, Sri Lankan readers had to resort to alternative means to access the LNW website. The joint opposition, a gathering of the corrupt bent on bringing back the Rajapaksas to power, continues to disrupt reporting by LNW journalists even though it does not have power now.
The LNW website started in the early 2009 and within three months, it was made inaccessible and banned due to its having engaged in a media usage against the corrupt and terror regime of the Rajapaskas. That ban ended with the collapse of that regime through the people’s vote.
Rajapaksas, who lost their power, and their henchmen then formed a so-called JO. And, we sent our journalists to cover its media briefings and published its media statements. That was because even if we have criticisms about its politics, we respect its right to freedom of opinion. However, the Rajapkasa family and its henchmen turned back LNW journalists who had gone to cover a media briefing by them recently.
A member of the JO’s media unit explained, “It’s like this machan. I am not opposed to you. But, don’t you know? Our bosses don’t like it, especially Dinesh boss. Of late, you have been digging up his cases. After shouting like a wind-up cat, he is now completely silent. So, would he like it if you come?”
This is how the remnants of the Rajapaksa regime, notorious for its media repression, treat the media even if it does not have power any more. The question is that it is seeking power once against to bring a ‘Suba Anagathayak’ (a better future) for the country.
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