Sepala strikes deal through Dudley, arrives in Sri Lanka!

Sepala strikes deal through Dudley, arrives in Sri Lanka!

Sepala strikes deal through Dudley, arrives in Sri Lanka!
– May 10, 2017
Lawyer Sepala Ratnayake, an assistant secretary of Mahinda Rajapaksa, who is one of the others, including Sudarman Radaliyagoda, who had done a documentary during the last presidential election to insult president Maithripala Sirisena, reportedly returned to the country recently.
During the final period of the Rajapaksa regime, Sepala had been serving at the Sri Lankan high commission in Britain. After Mahinda was defeated, he fled to England. In the meantime, the CID filed a court case against the lot. As Sepala did not appear in court, warrant was issued for his arrest. In the end, Sepala left his high commission job and disappeared. High commission people said he was in hiding in Scotland. Recently, the ex-ambassador to Russia Prof. Udayanga Weeratunga went to see him and had a drink of the locally-made brew with him at a barn house. The deal was struck through another present there.
The deal was to settle the court case by speaking to the president through his younger brother Dudley. The broker was Dudley’s best friend Asoka, who works at the Fisheries. He had met Dudley and did the needful.
For that, Asoka had obtained a sizeable amount from Asoka, but nobody knows if Dudley was given anything out of it. In the end, the president and Dudley were sold. The same thing happened during the Rajapaksa regime. Asoka is reportedly going to strike another deal, this time on behalf of Prof. Udayanga. Mr. president, we know you are not corrupt. But, beware of those who are close to you.
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