President, Ravi to have decisive meeting

President, Ravi to have decisive meeting

President, Ravi to have decisive meeting
May 13, 2017
President Maithripala Sirisena and finance minister Ravi Karunanayake are to have a decisive meeting, reports say, describing it as crucial for the government. It is expected to take place after the president’s visit to Polonnaruwa in view of Vesak.
There have been reports for several months about a cabinet reshuffle that also said calls have been made to replace Karunanayake. The president as well as the SLFP politicians in the government want him replaced, noting that an MP who is not linked to the business world should be made the finance minister.
At a meeting today (13), the health minister said a cabinet reshuffle that will be good for the country will take place within days. The UNP, led by the prime minister, too, has agreed for a cabinet reshuffle.
The UNP has been saying that there was no one else, other than Karunanayake, who is qualified to be the finance minister. The president’s side has nominated a powerful UNP minister to succeed him. Top officials of the Central Bank too, are on a campaign to see the minister changed, prompting the president to decide a reshuffle. Noteworthy is that these officials had worked at the last presidential election against president Sirisena.
The aim of the cabinet reshuffle is to negate the accusations against the ‘Yahapaalana’ government and to minimize conflicts, but it appears that new conflicts could arise now. If that happens, it will be a serious problem for the president, PM and the entire ‘Yahapaalana’ government.
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