NDB Chairman involved in a Tender Racket

NDB Chairman involved in a Tender Racket

NDB Chairman involved in a Tender Racket
– May 15, 2017
Hot on the heels of a recent racket involving the Deputy Chairman of a Bank and the former CEO of NDB Bank where the Chief Financial Officer exposed a corrupt share deal resulted in the suspension of the Bank’s Chief financial Officer.
The saga has now taken another turn where it is now alleged by the Union that the current Chairman Mr. Ananda Athukorala who was given marching orders from a foreign bank for bad lending, also a cousin of the current Prime Minister, had blantatly got himself involved in selecting the company to do the annual report for the bank.
The Union says it is a huge tender given the number of shareholders of the bank. The Unions allege that never in the history of the bank has a non-executive chairman got involved in doing procurement for the bank. They also say since the new Chairman took office the bank has been sliding down fast. According to the Union it won’t be long before Pan Asia Bank another troubled bank, overtakes NDB on profits.
The Bank has already fallen behind NTB a small niche bank. The NDB bank board is still packed with former Governor Nivard Cabral’s cronies like Lalith Weeratunga’s wife and the current government has also not appointed directors with bank experience. Minister Sagala Rathnayake’s brother ANCL Chairman was appointed as a Director recently.
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