NDB employees stage a protest

NDB employees stage a protest

NDB employees stage a protest
May 18, 2017
In support of the Chief Financial Officer of the NDB Bank, who recently got suspended, the NDB Employees Association has staged a protest today (May 18) in front of the National Arbitration Centre. The protesters were seen criticizing the management of the bank for not taking the correct action against the corrupted officials of the institute instead of suspending the Chief Financial Officer.
The NDB Bank’s Chief Financial Officer was the whistle blower who leaked information about the irregular practices of senior bank officials and a former official which the Lanka News Web reported previously.
According to the information received the matter is currently being inquired at the National Arbitration Centre and the next session is scheduled for May 30.
The Lanka News Web received the reliable information from a member of the NDB Employees Association who wished to remain anonymous.
The CFO has made the complaint about the corrupt official adhering to the company protocols. Since then he had been under severe pressure and ultimately was suspended by the NDB Bank senior management as they decided to initiate an inquiry on the issue.
It is of utmost concern that the person who pointed out the malpractice is hassled by the bank management rather focusing on the corrupt officials and his henchmen who are still employed by the bank
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