IUSF Convener Lahiru Weerasekara arrested

IUSF Convener Lahiru Weerasekara arrested

IUSF Convener Lahiru Weerasekara arrested
logoBy Yusuf Ariff-June 23, 2017
The Convener of the Inter University Students’ Federation (IUSF), Lahiru Weerasekara, has been arrested by police, Ada Derana reporter said.
He was arrested while leaving a press conference held today (23) at the Centre for Society and Religion (CSR) at Deans Road, Maradana.
The IUSF Convener was reportedly arrested in connection with the incident at the Health Ministry on Wednesday (21).
A large number of university students, during a protest against SAITM, had forcibly entered the ministry premises and caused damages to public property.
Convener of the Inter-University Bhikku Action Committee, Ven. Tempitiye Sugathananda Thero, was also arrested and remanded yesterday in connection with the incident.
UPDATE (2.51pm) : IUSF Convener Lahiru Weerasekara has been remanded till July 05 after being produced at court.
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