Fight on for Vendol radio frequency

Fight on for Vendol radio frequency

Fight on for Vendol radio frequency
Jun 25, 2017
Several powerful politicians and companies are vying to obtain the frequency given to VIP radio channel, whose license has been suspended by the TRC, reports say. Those persons are already giving gratifications and using friendships with the powerful politicians in the government.
Vendol Media has requested the TRC permission to allow it to continue transmissions of VIP radio, for which it has not renewed the license from 02 February 2017. According to reports reaching us, the TRC has not renewed the license on the basis that no transmission license for VIP radio’s FM 94 frequency has been issued to the name of Vendol Media. It has issued a license for that particular frequency to SatNet company from 19 August 2007.
According to clause 13 of the license, the rights contained in it cannot be transferred in full or partly. Since Vendol Media has misused the frequency, it is unlikely to get it bakc. Therefore, politicians and businesses are fighting to get hold of that frequency.
Kashyapa Kotelawala
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