Nation Destroyed Beyond Redemption

Nation Destroyed Beyond Redemption

logoIt is beyond belief why my fellow countrymen still have faith in this absolutely failed state (both ruling party and the opposition). The biggest threat to the Nation is the hopeless attitude of the so-called intelligentsia that benefits from the failed system. It is extremely sad that they deceive constituents, inducing them to have faith in the corrupt system that made this beautiful island nation a FAILED STATE.
As a responsible citizen I can say with confidence that the governance is dishonest and immoral and the Judiciary is sidelined. Those who occupy office in the other two organs are threatening it. Recently PM Ranil Wickremesinghe launched a stringent attack on the Judiciary, claiming that the Judiciary does not have the judicial power and the Judiciary is trying to hijack Parliament’s judicial power. This is absolutely false and irresponsible statement that no prime minister of any democracy should make.
Please understand the power conferred in you, the people, under the Constitution. In this country supremacy over all organs is in YOU, the constituents, and not  in any body else. This power is called ‘sovereignty’ and it includes legislative power, executive power, judicial power, franchise and fundamental rights. And this power cannot be taken away unless YOU surrender it to somebody, which can only be done with a mandate given by the people at a referendum.
When the Legislature and Executive corrupt there is no hope
The former President Mahinda Rajapaksa should be held with the full responsibility for destroying the rule of law in this country and for undermining the integrity and independence of the judiciary. Introducing, a draconian law 18A, he took the judiciary under his direct control and appointed his subservient servants to the highest office in it simply according to his whims and fancies.
Those who blame the UN, those who want to have a firm grip in the Constitutional Council that recommend appointment of judges to the Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court, thereby causing a tremendous damage to the independence of the Judiciary, should realise that there is no point blaming the government now for co-sponsoring resolutions in Geneva. Because it is the people, who lost trust and confidence in the Judiciary, complained to UN Human Rights Council. It only reduced people’s viewpoint in the resolution exposing the lacks any accountability in the justice system in Sri Lanka.
Robbing the Nation by the two organs and encouraging others to follow
The MP tax-free car permit abuse is not just another case exposing govt corruption. It is a case of paramount importance for a reason. People should understand that when the lawmakers themselves become criminals, such a country is bound to fail.
The relevant law allowing tax relief says that tax exceptions can be granted having regard to the economic development of the country, another words in the pubic interest. And nowhere the law says that the exemptions could be abused to defraud tax and to share the same with third parties. Most people holding public office in the Legislature and the Executive just did that and the irrefutable evidence was filed in the Supreme Court.
Excise special provision Law Section 3CHowever, with no regard or respect to the law governing tax exemption, on 01st June 2017 the Yahapalanaya regime, introduced another Circular with a clear stipulation that those who are granted tax exemptions to import motorcars are free to defraud the government revenue as they please (extract of the law and the regulation reproduced below). Who are the beneficiaries of this sham tax exemption offered to public officers under the new permit scheme; it is the motorcar import dealer network in this country with a bribe offered to the public officer who sells the permit for 2.2 million rupees.
The stipulation as provided in the relevant Treasury Circular dated 01st June 2017 is reproduced below:

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