Mahinda, is this a fake?

Mahinda, is this a fake?

Mahinda, is this a fake?
Jul 23, 2017
Whoever does it, selling public property is unacceptable, and should be opposed. However, selling public property while having power, and pointing the finger at others when not having that power is pure rascalry. Evidence of one such instance is given below.
Ex-president Mahinda Rajapkasa has been going around the country, saying, “Apey Hamuduruwane, we only gave land at long-term lease during our time.” But, the deed shown below makes it clear how he had sold a land at Baladhaksha Mawatha in Colombo Fort to Shangrilla Hotels (Pvt.) Ltd. for 75 million US dollars on 28 December 2010.
The deed says Shangrilla Hotels (Pvt.) Ltd., its administrators, executors and grantees will be able to enjoy it forever.
We can ask Mahinda if he can talk without any shame about the sale of land, but his recent conduct shows he has no shame. Therefore, we will only ask him, ‘Mahinda, is this a fake?”
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