Yoshitha’s leg becomes sick again!

Yoshitha’s leg becomes sick again!

Yoshitha’s leg becomes sick again!

 Jul 28, 2017

Yoshitha, second son of ex-president Mahinda Rajapaksa, was due to report to the CID in Colombo at 10.00 am today (28), but he has informed the CID through his lawyers that he could not be present as he had undergone surgery in a leg. Yoshitha said he has decided to take strict bed rest as doctors have advised him not to do ‘risky travelling’ until his leg healed, and sought another date to be present at the CID, police headquarters sources say.
Junior Navy officer Yoshitha previously applied for an easing of bail conditions imposed against him by the magistrate’s court to go to Australia for a surgery in a leg. Two days later, he was seen running in a marathon from Colombo to Negombo, as pictures posted on social media showed. Those closest to him told us that it was not for a surgery he had intended to go to Australia, but to meet his girlfriend.
Well knowing the truth about Yoshitha’s sick leg, senior officials of the Attorney General’s Department instructed the CID to issue summons to Yoshitha and his mother Shiranthi to appear before the CID next week. Shiranthi’s lawyers asked the CID to give a date in September, saying she has to prepare documents. However, the AG’s Department has instructed the CID to get them down next week anyhow and record statements from them, failing which to report about it to courts.
Sources close to the Rajapaksa family say Shiranthi has met several astrologers and obtained advice that Yoshitha and herself would have a very bad period in August and to get hospitalized to avoid trouble and obtain a date in September.
Mahinda and Namal are trying, through various middlemen, to meet the president and the prime minister, who have so far not interfered with affairs of the AG’s Department and the CID. The law and order minister too, should be commended for taking a similar line.
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