Exclusive: Contemptible façade veiled indiscretion of installed HR Boss!

Exclusive: Contemptible façade veiled indiscretion of installed HR Boss!

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Harassments against female staff members by the installed head of Human Rights group claimed for working on justice exposed!

by A Special Correspondent- Aug 1, 2017
(August 1, 2017, London, Sri Lanka Guardian) A series of email communications obtained by Sri Lanka Guardian has indicated that the Executive Director of a human rights organization claimed to be working in Asia to enhance and radically improve the justice institutions has been engaged in various forms of harassments including sexual harassments against female staff members who worked in the organisation in recent past.
Eventually, the victims who spoke out against the actions of this accused person and urged for the impartial investigation to take disciplinary action through the internal mechanism were systematically discredited and their voices went unheard proving there is no room for justice in the loosely managed arrangement based on nothing but utter compromises for cheap gains.
However, the email communications further indicated at least one victim was in full confidence and trusted the higher authority of the organization, the board, as it consists of reputed personalities on the subject. Unfortunately, she was deceived throughout the pseudo procedure, and her demands were refuted.
“Her pain and pride have been betrayed by the responsible parties while taking all necessary actions to cagey and securely continue the service of the alleged perpetrator,” a source close to the victim said.
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According to the email communications between the chairperson of this organisation and the victim it is revealed that the alleged Executive Director has deliberately created the hostile situation against the female staff members even though they have performed duties in accordance with their contractual agreements and produced clean work records.
Meanwhile, “…the head of the board has shamelessly and flagrantly lied to the victim”, an inside source said.
“In their response to the victim they have quoted a meeting that has never taken place by covering up the indiscretions of the Executive Director,” a reliable source within the organization has further revealed when we inquired the facts highlighted in the email exchange.
“They have appointed a committee against sexual harassments; which is nothing but a façade where alleged criminals can secure their position unconditionally. The real tragicomedy is that the so-called committee against sexual harassments is headed by the very person who was accused of harassing the female staff members. As the result of this abnormal malpractice most of the female staff members either resigned or had their service discontinued,” a reliable source expressed their displeasure.
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