Lies Lies And More Lies; I Remember The Day My Father Punched You Mr. Ravi K !

Lies Lies And More Lies; I Remember The Day My Father Punched You Mr. Ravi K !

In the midst of all this that is going on regarding Hon. Mr. Ravi Karunanayake, I recall how my father lost his temper and fortunately or unfortunately punched Hon. Ravi Karunanayake on Air on the LIVE National Television program called “Rathu Ira”. This program was telecasted on the Sri Lankan TV channel Swarnavahini.
Somehow everyone of us including my father’s office knew he was going to really get physical before he left for the show. He was furious as he had solid facts as evidence on how Mr. Karunanayake robbed the Lalith Athulathmudali’s funds post our beloved Lalith Athulathmudali‘s assassination.
What happened was Hon. Ravi Karunanayake had just crossed over to the UNP. My father presented papers and evidence of Mr. Karunanayake’s involvements with stealing funds from our beloved Hon. late Lalith Athulathmudali. This was an ongoing feud. When my father presented these facts with evidence, of Mr. Karunanayake stealing from the Athulathmudali’s funds, and Mr. Ravi Karunanayake kept denying it, matters got heated and my father could not stand the fact that he was sitting there and lying in this manner to my father’s face about stealing from the country! Therefore my father unfortunately or fortunately punched him during this live TV show, on air. As for the tape of what became the final episode of this TV show ‘Rathu Ira’, I personally wrote to Swarnavahini recently and requested for this tape to be retrieved from their archives. Unfortunately they wrote back to me stating they never archived things back then. While I am a little puzzled about that response I am hopeful that I could speak to the Director of the TV channel Swarnavahini and retrieve the recording of this episode mentioned.
According an interview of my father Ediriweera Premaratne that was published in the Divaina News Paper on 29 October 1995, Mr Karunanayake first entered the parliament through the national list through the Lalith Pila. That is thankful to those that win enough votes for the political party during an election. Among others who were responsible for winning those votes for the party enabling appointments through a national list was my father.
My father can’t stand people that steal from the innocent man. He would even hit us if and when we take the cars here and there to roam around in our childhood days. He has always told us he will not be that guy to steal from the public. He spoke of what a great sin it is to steal from these innocent people of our county, to rob them of the prosperous livelihoods that they rightfully deserve. He would stress on the fact that it is a sin that generations and generations and generations into future will have to suffer. Ediriweera Premaratne stayed loyal to his mission that is to somehow to help the poor and to work for “them” and to “fight” for “them”. To fight for their fundamental rights of the citizens of Sri Lanka. Poverty is not foreign for Ediriweera Premaratne because that is where he came from. He understood what it felt like to be hungry as a child because he was that child. He tells us and reminds us this every day since we lived in a ‘Colombo 7 world’, as he would like to describe it. Father tells me you do not understand Achini. Your world is not the world of this country. That world you are in only accounts for a very tiny percentage. People have very hard difficult lives. These words were not understood then, but echoes in my head many years later.
Getting back to the point, I do not condone violence at any point. Although these absolute jokers in Sri Lankan politics with that smirk on their faces while they trick and steal from the nation, can really push the buttons of those loyal to the people. Not those loyal to a political party, not those loyal to a political leader, but those loyal to the benefitting the people. With all due respect, our country is not made up of the Colombo 7 crowd.
Moving on…
Think. “yeah! yeah! Mr. Ravi Karunanayake is corrupt”. We have known this since the day he stole from our beloved Lalith Athulathmudali’s funds. Yet he has been allowed to continue just like any other corrupt politician in this country.

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