Govt. seeks Rs.70.5 mn to cover ministries’ travel expenses

Govt. seeks Rs.70.5 mn to cover ministries’ travel expenses

2017-08-08 15
The government today presented a supplementary estimate to Parliament seeking approval for Rs.70.5 million to meet the travel expenses incurred by some ministries and departments in June.
The following five ministries were also among the government institutions which sought funds to cover travel expenses.
Foreign Affairs Ministry Rs.28.8 million
City Planning Ministry Rs.1.2 million
Sports Ministry Rs.1.4 million
Power and Energy Ministry Rs.1 million
National Co-existence and Languages Ministry Rs.3.09 million
Sri Lanka Army Rs.20 million
Navy Rs.10 million
The government also sought the approval for the payment of
Rs.283.1 million As royalties for dredging sea sand in the Port City Development Project
Rs.2.041million For setting up a Digital Multimedia Crime Investigation Centre
Further approval was sought to spend
Rs.250.5 million  to set up a National Cyber Security Unit
(Yohan Perera and Ajith Siriward
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