‘Rogues have become Kings and we have become rogues’ Youngsters including Harin to wage a struggle sacrificing their portfolios (Video)

‘Rogues have become Kings and we have become rogues’ Youngsters including Harin to wage a struggle sacrificing their portfolios (Video)

LEN logo(Lanka-e-News – 11.Aug.2017, 1.00 PM)  ‘I am prepared to quit my ministerial post  and launch  a new  struggle against the actual rogues , and that struggle is beginning today ,’ said minister Harin Fernando following the resignation of Ravi Karunanayake the former minister of foreign affairs.  There are a large number of parliamentarians  including ministers with him ,and he will reveal who they are later , he added.
Harin is the young politico who  sacrificed his  post ,  fought and won   the Uva provincial  Council elections , and then came forward to pave the way for the preliminary election victory on 2015-01-08 which aimed at eliminating the rogues for which he worked in  earnest and with commitment . It is the view of political analysts , the current approach  of Harin the  young politico will be  decisive.
Based on reports reaching Lanka e news inside information division, Harin had questioned the president at the recent cabinet meeting thus , ‘Isn’t  this a  conspiracy? It is we who exposed the rogues and steered a government against rogues to victory. But now we are made rogues while the actual rogues are free. Now , the government is being run not  by us but by those rogues. You must appoint  a presidential commission and apprehend those rogues too on the same  fast forward track . Catch the rogue Dilan too’  Harin exhorted. When Harin was speaking thus in anguish and anger , the president flew into a rage. The Commission was not appointed by him alone , he pointed out. Kabir Hashim the UNP Gen. Secretary supporting  Harin said , ‘ it is people like Harin who worked with commitment to install this government in power . What he is bringing forth  is truly the conscience of the UNP members’
No matter what , when the media personnel of president and Rajapakses are eating from the same plate ,  and together with the ‘Trojan horse’ the actual rogues are being protected while fastening the label of ‘rogue’ on those who truly waged the struggle  to apprehend the culprits , a group of youngsters including Harin has deemed it  is necessary to launch  their patriotic struggle  against the conspiracy which is labeling those who came forward to seize the rogues as culprits. 
They have started the struggle against the cold storage of files of the investigations which have been concluded pertaining to the rogues .They have also commenced the probe into how the electronic frequency- a public asset  worth many billions of rupees was transferred on the sly and free  to notorious Maharaja .
Nevertheless, it is learnt , Ranil Wickremesinghe has opposed the struggle of these youngsters. Sometimes this struggle will cease  when the consensual government which entered into a pact  with the defeated crooks ends .  Pressures are being mounted to decide: Is the  UNP group which holds the majority in the victory at the  people’s referendum of 2015-01-08 , to continue getting battered and bruised from the confirmed crooks ? Or go it alone ?
The full text of the speech of minister  Harin Fernando (video) is hereunder
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