The Monsters of Bellanwila Rajamaha Viharaya Temple

The Monsters of Bellanwila Rajamaha Viharaya Temple

One is not called noble who harms living beings. By not harming living beings one is called noble.”

Elephant cries out in pain as he wails in agony he thrashes about the pool, while a sadist shouts and whips him.

all elephants must be free; they DO NOT belong to ANYONE

Elephant cries out in pain as he wails in agony he thrashes about the pool, while a sadist shouts and whips him.

These hypocrites claim to be Buddhists but Buddha would have never allowed nor approved of anything like this

Shocking footage has emerged which appears to show an elephant crying out in pain and being whipped at a Buddhist temple. The 15-year-old male elephant, who is called Myan Prince, is filmed lying helplessly on its side in a murky pool as his keeper beats him with sharp sticks. It appears they are trying to wash his legs, which they have chained to two trees surrounding the water. Outraged activists have posted several videos of Myan Prince in distress at the Bellanwila Temple, just south of the Sri Lankan capital, Colombo.
Myan Prince was blamed by the Sri Lankan press for killing an elderly monk at the temple in February 2018 and it is suspected the temple is abusing him in retaliation; initial reports said he pushed 77-year-old Wimalarathana Thero to the ground during his breakfast feed in the morning. But the temple denied the attack happened, saying the senior monk fell and suffered a heart attack, the Sri Lankan Sunday Observer reported at the time. Maneesha Arachchige, an activist from Rally for Animal Rights and Environment [RARE], said she fears for the elephant’s life after visiting the temple yesterday. She says ‘We are very concerned for the welfare of Myan Prince.

‘He seems to be being beaten on a regular basis and the temple seems unconcerned. ‘If action is not taken quickly we fear for the safety of those around the elephant as well as Myan Prince’s safety and wellbeing.’ A petition calling on the temple to release the elephant to a sanctuary has now been backed by more than 120,000 people. Elephants are considered sacred animals in Sri Lanka and if so sacred why are they so cruel to them? Many of the elephants become pets at Buddhist temples, which use them in annual pageants.
The root cause for elephants suffering in Sri Lanka are Buddhist parades called peraheras. These parades use dozens of elephants at a time, dressing them up in colourful costumes and forcing them to march for miles night after night. ‘Cruelty and Torture is part of the captive elephant industry in Sri Lanka. If there were no Peraheras then there will be no demand for captive elephants in Sri Lanka. ‘If we want to see an end to the tears cries and pain suffered by captive elephants then we have to implement bans on using captive elephants in Peraheras. (Peraheras = a delusional ceremony where animal abusers worship a tooth supposedly from Buddha. Worshiping a tooth of a man who was against all forms of animal abuse.)

Animal Abusing Sadists Torturing an Elephant
Sadist employed by the temple
A monk from the temple says that the elephants are tied to a tree for two weeks as part of a Buddhist ritual. Catching wild elephants is illegal in Sri Lanka, but it’s suspected many elephants that end up in Buddhist temples are stolen by poachers who kill their mothers.

Please email the Temple Bellanwila Rajamaha Viharaya in Sri Lanka and tell them that the rest of the world intelligently know that all elephants belong in the wild with their
family and that they are a disgrace to all that is ethical. They will respond with an excuse but that is all it is.

Bellanwila Rajamaha Viharaya Bellanwila, Boralesgamuwa 10290, Sri Lanka
Telephone +94 112 738 361 Fax +94 112 715 892


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